April 7, 2017


Accounts assigned to  learners under Group Registrations can be re- assigned by firstly removing the existing learner from the system.  This is achieved as follows.

  1.  The Group Leader should  Click or Tap the ASSIGN ACCOUNTS  link in the top menu bar.
  2.  The Group Registration form will load.

  1.  The REMOVE link to the right of the learners name should be clicked and this will send a learner removal request to Food Safety UK course administration.
  2. Once this request has been approved the number of learner accounts available to the group leader on their group registration dashboard will increase by the number of learners removed.  As removal requests are a manual process performed by Food Safety UK admin department, they are not processed immediately.
  3. Once processed, the group leader may then assign learner accounts as required.
The REMOVE option is only to be used.
  1.  When an incorrect email address has been entered at registration.
  2.  When a learner who has not started the course is withdrawn (within the course licence period).
The REMOVE option should NOT be used.
  1.  In the event that learners have not received login details. (a direct request for the reissue of login details should be made using the CONTACT US link on the website.
  2.  The Learner has lost or deleted login details. (registered learners may use the ‘lost your password’ link below the login box to reset their password.
  3. The learner account has expired.
  4. The Learner has previously accessed the course.

If this facility is incorrectly used the REMOVE REQUEST will be rejected.