April 7, 2017



If you have previously COMPLETED the Level 2 course with us, and wish to renew your certificate you should

  1. Log into your existing learner account at https://food-safety.org.uk/courses/login
  2. Click the RENEW CERTIFICATE button at the bottom of your MY ACCOUNT page.
  3. You may then purchase a renewal course.
  4. Once purchased you will see a new Renewal Course link on your MY ACCOUNT page which will give you immediate access to the course.

If you completed the course with us before April 2017 you should use the SIGN UP button to enrol on the Level 2 course.

£10 + VAT.

We offer the RoSPA approved and CPD Certified Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering course at a cost of £10 +VAT ( £12 inclusive ) per learner registration.

The level 2 course can be completed in 3 to 4 hours.

The fee includes 90 days access to the course materials and access to the final online exam, which provides an approved certificate to successful candidates.

Certificates are available for download and printing instantly following a successful exam submission.  Course access ceases following a successful exam submission.

Learners may take the final exam on as many occasions as necessary to pass within the course access period.


You may resit the final exam on as many occasions as necessary within the 90 day course access period, at no additional cost.

User accounts purchased under a group registration are initially dormant and will remain active indefinitely.

Once a user account is assigned to a named learner, the learner will have 90 days access to the course materials. Access will cease following a successful exam submission.

Learners will receive an on-screen notification of their course access expiry date each time they access their account.


If you wish to enrol 2 or more learners you should choose the GROUP option on the SIGN UP page.

A FREE Admin account will be created which will allow you to assign purchased user accounts to learners.


Online exam submissions are marked by the system automatically and you will be able to download your certificate immediately following a successful exam submission.

A PDF copy of your certificate will also be sent to your email address immediately.

Yes the Level 2 course is recommended for all UK food handlers who wish to comply with current food safety regulations.


As recommended by the Food Standards Agency we do NOT display an expiry date on our certificates, only a pass date.

It is however recommended that food handlers update their knowledge every 3 years.

Using an approved provider like Food Safety UK ensures that you will receive approved, certificated training which is fully compliant with the requirements of Environmental Health and the Food Standards Agency.

Within the catering industry, a Level 2 Certificate is widely viewed as the required benchmark.

A RoSPA / CPD approved certificate is a way of demonstrating your understanding, by showing a visiting EHO that you have completed a course and passed the final test.

The Food Safety UK Level 2 certificate offer learners. documented evidence of the date the exam was passed with a unique certificate number.

1. Click ENROL HERE to enter the Enrolment Section.

2. Enter the number of learners to be enrolled and then choose the GROUP option.

3. Then click ADD TO BASKET

4. Enter the billing details and proceed to checkout

5. Once the course purchase has been confirmed the GROUP LEADER may now assign accounts to learners using the ASSIGN LEARNERS tab in the Group Leader Menu.

Learner Accounts can be created for new learners from this Group Administration facility with PASSWORD access details being sent to the new learners EMAIL ADDRESS. Learners access the course using their email address and the system generated password.

Each student will have 90 days independent access to the course. This access will start from the date that they are Assigned (allocated) an account. Access will cease following a successful exam submission.

Prior to the online examination, learners are required to complete an EXAM CHECK LIST in which they must UPDATE their FULL NAME (As they wish it to be viewed on their certificate) and their Email Address for certificate delivery.

You do!

If you work as a food handler in any of the following:

  • Schools.
  • Nurseries.
  • Pre-Schools.
  • Guest Houses.
  • Childcare establishments.
  • Pubs.
  • Hotels.
  • Restaurants.
  • Takeaways.
  • Cafes.
  • Contract Catering businesses.
  • Fast-Food Outlets.
  • Hospitals.
  • Care Homes.
  • Mobile Food Outlets.
  • Any food handling situation.


The Level 2 RoSPA Approved and CPD Certified course offered by Food Safety UK is widely accepted by EHO’s across the UK as demonstrating compliance with current food handling legislation.

The Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering certificate offers a clear demonstration of proof of learning to a visiting Environmental Health Officer.

Current Food Safety policy states that all food handlers should undertake training that is commensurate with their role.

Food handlers must receive appropriate supervision, and be instructed and/or trained in food hygiene, to enable them to handle food safely.

There is no legal requirement to attend a formal training course or get a qualification, although many businesses may want their staff to do so.

This is the ideal course if you work in a Restaurant, Takeaway, Pub, Cafe, Guest House, Hotel, School, Works Canteen, Nursery, Care Services etc

Individuals or multiple learners registrations can be made using the Online registration form, with immediate course access following payment.

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Learner registrations can currently be paid by

1.  Debit / Credit / MasterCard Payment

2.  Paypal

3.  Bank Transfer (BACS or CHAPS)

1.  Debit / Credit / MasterCard Payment

Payments are  processed online via the safe and secure 2Checkout payment gateway.  Course access is immediate following a successful payment.

2.  Paypal

Payments are processed by PayPal on their secure server.  A PayPal account is not required.  Course Access is immediate following a successful payment.

3. Bank Transfer (BACS or CHAPS)

This option is only made available when the Cart Sub Total reaches £100 or more (10+ user accounts).  The service will be made available once a cleared payment is received in our bank account.  Customers should send Proof of Payment to bank-payments@food-safety.org.uk.

It is possible that the javascript version on your computer is not compatible with the payment processor 2Checkout.

Under such circumstances using PayPal as payment processor tends to resolve this issue. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPals’ card processing facility.

Our card payments are processed by 2CHECKOUT.

The card payment processor matches the NAME and ADDRESS entered in the BILLING section of the registration form to card registration address

The Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering  course is made available when the transaction is at COMPLETED status.

The status of the transaction can be viewed by clicking the ORDERS link in the MY ACCOUNT dashboard and  the transaction can be completed using the VIEW CART link.

We retain copies of certificates for learners who have previously completed the Level 2 course with us; for a period of 36 months.

A copy may be requested using the CONTACT US link on the top menu bar of the Food Safety UK website.

Requests will only be accepted on an individual basis where the NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS entered on the contact form submission matches the registered NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS of a learner in our database.

There is no charge for this service.

If you wish to take the Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering course click below.


There is no age restriction on learners taking this course and there are no prerequisites.

If a learners email address is incorrectly entered by the Group Leader at registration the Group Leader may REMOVE the learner from the group registration list and once this removal request has been approved by our administration department the user account may be re-assigned.


  1.   Group Leader navigates to the group registration page.
  2.   Group Leader clicks the ‘IF EMAIL INCORRECT [REMOVE]’  button next to the learners name.
  3.   The learner will be automatically removed from the group
  4.   The user registrations available in the group account are automatically increased by the system.
  5.   The Group Leader may re-assign the user account.

The approval of a REMOVE REQUEST is subject to the condition that

  • The learner has not accessed the course.
  • The learners account is active and has not expired.


You can purchase an INDIVIDUAL user account and once you have received LOGIN details you may amend the account NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS to those of the learner.

If you intend to enrol further learners we recommend that you purchase 2 user accounts using the GROUP option, at the outset, as in this case you will receive a FREE Admin account from which to assign user accounts to named learners.

The estimated duration of the Level 2 course is 3 to 4 hours.

During the most recent RoSPA assessment the RoSPA representative completed the course in 3 hrs and fifteen minutes.

Learners are not required to complete the course in one sitting as the system saves their progress for the duration of the course access period.

No there are no prerequisites to the Level 2 course, you do not need to take Level 1 before taking this course.

If a Group Leader wishes to re-register a learner whose course access has expired, using their original email address, they should use our contact form to request that we amend the learners’ account details to allow them to do so.

As learner registrations form part of the transaction record, expired learner accounts cannot be removed from the group list.

Once learners are re-registered their names will appear twice in the group registration learners list, representing their active and expired accounts.


You can log into your account and re-purchase the course using the SIGN UP link in the top menu bar of our website.

You should choose the INDIVIDUAL purchase option.

You will then receive a further 90 days course access under the same account.

No we offer digital certificates only, which are sent to the learners email address immediately following a successful exam submission.

By offering a ‘self print’ only service, we are able to maintain our unique low price point.

Self print certificates are accepted by EHO’s nationwide.


Learners who register and pay for the course directly receive 90 days course access from the registration date.

Learners who are assigned user accounts under a multiple learner course booking receive 90 days course access from the date that the account is assigned to them.

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