Learner registrations can currently be paid by

1.  Debit / Credit / MasterCard Payment

2.  PayPal

3.  Proforma Invoice

1.  Debit / Credit / MasterCard Payment

Payments are  processed online via the safe and secure Stripe payment gateway.  Course access is immediate following a successful payment.

2.  Paypal

Payments are processed by PayPal on their secure server.  A PayPal account is not required.  Course Access is immediate following a successful payment.

3. Proforma Invoice

This purchase option is made available when 5 or more user accounts are added to the cart. A Proforma Invoice is immediately sent to the customers email address with a payment link.   Orders placed using this payment method are initially placed On-Hold until a cleared payment is received by Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.  Cheque payments are not accepted.


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