1. Click ENROL HERE to enter the Enrolment Section.

2. Enter the number of learners to be enrolled and then choose the GROUP option.

3. Then click ADD TO BASKET

4. Enter the billing details and proceed to checkout

5. Once the course purchase has been confirmed the GROUP LEADER may now assign accounts to learners using the ASSIGN LEARNERS tab in the Group Leader Menu.

Learner Accounts can be created for new learners from this Group Administration facility with PASSWORD access details being sent to the new learners EMAIL ADDRESS. Learners access the course using their email address and the system generated password.

Each student will have 90 days independent access to the course. This access will start from the date that they are Assigned (allocated) an account. Access will cease following a successful exam submission.

Prior to the online examination, learners are required to complete an EXAM CHECK LIST in which they must UPDATE their FULL NAME (As they wish it to be viewed on their certificate) and their Email Address for certificate delivery.