March 30, 2017

Food Hygiene Refresher Course Online

The Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering Course. (Food Hygiene Refresher Course Online).

the course

The Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering course is an online food hygiene refresher course. This RoSPA / CPD approved course provides food handlers with comprehensive training, which results in a recognised food hygiene certificate.

Completion of a level 2 course is essential for food handler compliance with the current Food Safety Act, and is a valuable component of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan.

This mobile friendly and entirely online course is approximately 3 hours in duration and provides learners with the flexibility to study, wherever and whenever they choose.

The course and exam costs £10 +VAT.  Learners may take the final exam as many times as necessary to pass within a 90 day course access period.Buy Now Level 2 course



Who requires the Level 2 food safety and hygiene for catering course

This Level 2 food hygiene refresher course will benefit anyone working in a catering or food processing environment, from individual to multiple staff members.  It allows every catering business, regardless of size, to provide all of its staff with essential and compliant training at a fraction of the cost of a classroom based course.

This course is essential for those working in Restaurants, Takeaways, Pubs, Cafes, Guest Houses, Hotels, Schools, Nurseries, Care Organisations or indeed anywhere where food is prepared.

No previous experience or prior qualifications are required to take this course, and there are no stated age limits for candidates.

Food handlers from a wide variety of sectors have taken and passed the course, and received a level 2 food hygiene certificate.

A food hygiene certificate confirms to a visiting Environmental Health Officer that a very real attempt has been made to comply with the current Food Safety Act.

The RoSPA / CPD Certified food hygiene certificate from Food Safety UK is acceptable proof that topics such as Food safety, Legislation, Safe storage and Cleaning have been considered and understood.

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The Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering course is the popular food hygiene refresher course offered by Food Safety UK .  

This Online RoSPA / CPD Certified course is recommended by Environmental Health as an indicator of the preparedness of a food handler in the United Kingdom.

The Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering course content is highly interactive and engaging, offering the learner a rewarding learning experience.

Users may access the course on a variety of media at any time of the day or night.

The course fee of £10+VAT offers users access to the course for a period of 90 days or until they successfully complete their final examination.

This course requires only one payment of £10+VAT regardless of the number of examination attempts necessary to pass the final examination.

A food hygiene course is an essential component in a continuing professional development plan.

Food Safety UK are committed to CPD principles and we strive to offer high quality, easy to use, media friendly and cost effective online courses which allow staff and employers to meet their development aims.